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Leverage the power of automation and make room for improved professionalism. Take advantage of our IVR services now to save your agents time, business money, and provide customers a better experience! Unlock unprecedented efficiency and make your operations more productive with just one call.

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What is the IVR (interactive voice response) number?

An IVR number is a PHENOMENAL way to handle customer calls – it works AUTOMATICALLY without any manual intervention, and helps you deliver your business message FUSS FREE! Incoming calls are SIMPLY managed with an IVR number.

Benefits of Interactive Voice Response numbers.

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Handle high call volumes with ease

Don't let the high volumes of calls frustrate you any longer. Invest in our IVR Number and find peace of mind as your call-related needs are addressed with ease. Act now, and gain access to an effortless way of handling business calls!

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Scale with ease

Take control of your business today with IVR Number! You won't regret the unlimited possibilities and ease of scalability that it provides. Don't wait - take advantage of this opportunity to make your business run smoother, all within just a few clicks.

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Boost productivity

Take advantage of IVR Number and see how it can increase your efficiency. Don't miss this opportunity to make your business much more productive. Act now and start improving the way you do business today!

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Improve customer experience

Don't let your customers feel frustrated with outdated IVR services. Upgrade today and improve their experience! Enjoy fast, convenient customer service with our simplified IVR Number solution. Get started now - it's the key to improving customer satisfaction!

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Privacy & data protection

Don't risk customer data breaches. IVR Number can help you protect your business and its customers. Act now to get maximum protection with our industry-leading security measures. Benefit from our trusted privacy solutions and secure the future of your business today!

What makes you consider Fortius Infocom?

Unbeatable Uptimes

Our platform can provide an impressive 99.94 reliablity guarantee, which includes system uptimes. Terrific!


Our long-distance calls provide exceptional sound quality, functionality, and low latencies, making them stand out from the competition.


With just a half-hour of training, customers may quickly start using our platform thanks to its user-friendly layout.


Our service streamlines the process of applying for work tools, increasing productivity of your business. We advise you to look into these possibilities because they can help you significantly boost your application.

Scale at Ease

Do not wallow in concern regarding the times of intense activity! Alongside our backend management, automatic scaling ensures that you do not have to worry about any infrastructural constraints.


Visit our website to communicate with us and get in touch with us through email, chat and direct questions. We have special tools online to offer an impressive customer experience with the latest features that our platform has.

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Limited Time Offer: Get 10% off your IVR number subscription.

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