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The Future of Two-Factor Authentication

A voice OTP is delivered over an automated voice call to enable two-factor authentication, and it's more secure than you might think.

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What is a Voice OTP?

To ensure two-factor authentication, a voice OTP (one-time password) is normally provided via an automated voice call. This procedure can be utilized if the sending of an OTP SMS repeatedly fails. Additionally, customers have the ability to generate an OTP Voice while they are in the midst of verifying the OTP.

How can businesses use Voice OTP?


Voice OTP is absolutely essential for allowing third-party access, like giving delivery agents permission to enter protected areas – it's so important!


Invite your customers back by securely granting them access to your service after a change in email address or password – with Voice OTP!

Transaction Verification

Safeguard your clients against monetary fraudulence by turning on Voice OTP for all transactions, no matter how big or small!


When it comes to super-secure transactions, such as accessing net banking or signing up for a great product or service, voice OTP verification is the only way to ensure everything is safe.

Account Reactivation

Securely get your customers back with a special IVR OTP sequence so that you can win new business! Unlock their services and make them part of the family again - now's the time to do it!

Beyond Passwords

Give your users a blast of speed with safe logins! Let OTPs be the way to go for real-time authentication, making sure you can rely on well-protected logins every time.

The amazing benefits you can get by using Voice OTP.

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Voice Failover

Supercharge your security by adding an extra layer of failsafe on top of the default OTP SMS step! If delivery doesn't go through, no worries—just switch it up, convert the OTP to speech, and have it sent right over a call. You're sure to get 100% delivery with this awesome new addition!

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Instant Call Connect

Enjoy the fast-paced convenience of triggering a speedy voice OTP verification call within just seconds when you use our platform that offers fantastic service uptime! You'll love how easy it is to increase customer engagement scores!

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Easy & Flexible Integrations

Get ready for the most seamless setup ever! Our Voice OTP & SMS APIs tap into your enterprise software, like that speedy ERP engine – you'll be amazed at how easy it is to get campaigns up and running!

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Personalise Call Formats

Get ready to blast off into the future of IVR OTP calls with our platform's intuitive dashboard! With brand mentions and irresistible sales offers, you can easily increase your bottom line in no time!

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Track Campaigns

Check out how your campaign is doing by grabbing reports from the platform's dashboard or API! Try different tactics and see what yields the best results - you won't believe it when you experience the improvement!

Why Fortius Infocom?

Unbeatable Uptimes

Our incredible platform offers an unbelievable 99.94% uptime guarantee, which includes operator uptimes too amazing to believe!


Our top-notch call success, unsurpassable voice quality, and amazingly low latency rates make us the BEST in the market!


Our REST APIs make integrating with your enterprise systems a total breeze! It's so easy, you won't believe it; just give it a try and see!

Scale at Ease

Don't panic about those crazy-busy times of the year! Our service scales automatically, so you can keep enjoying smooth sailing without fretting over infrastructure limits.


It's so easy to get started with our platform—its user-friendly and straightforward interface means you'll be up and running in 30 minutes tops!


Calling us is the BEST way to get customer support! We make sure you have a pleasant experience by harnessing the power of our amazing platform. Plus, we're also available for email and chat, so no matter how you need help, we've got you covered!

Real-time Reports

Check out how your Voice OTP initiatives are performing! Get up to speed on metrics such as pick-up and unanswered call rates; it'll blow your mind!

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The Future of Two-Factor Authentication

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