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Whenever in an emergency, people prefer to call rather than any other mode of communication. Integrating an IVR system to enhance customer communication is the right choice to make. Fortius Infocom provides 24X7 IVR service to make sure that your customer’s calls never go unattended. Making your customers feel homely and well greeted is what we thrive for. Just connect with Fortius Infocom to take one step forward towards a greatbusiness promotion.

Why IVR Service Should be Used?

  • Greeting the Customers

    Undeniably, the first impression is the last impression. Whenever a customer calls and hears something unwanted, then they subconsciously become frustrated and display rude behaviour. The IVR service will greet each call in the utmost professional and subtle way that will allow the customer to stay focused on their purpose of calling and keep their calm.

  • Better Productivity

    Most of the people call regarding some of the common issues faced whose solutions are the same every time. In that case, if an agent is handling such a situation, then it will reduce the productivity of the organisation. IVR service can provide such solutions to the customer directly that eliminates the use of the agent in such situations. By saving this time, the agent could focus on more complicated problems.

  • Personalized Language

    Language is one of the biggest communication barriers of all time. However, this hurdled could be crossed with the IVR service. By talking in the regional language of the geographical location of the caller, IVR service ensures that no barrier can stop the customer. Additionally, the call could be transferred to someone who understands the same language to make things even better.

Features of Our IVR Service

  • Available at Every Time

    Once integrated, our IVR systems will work non-stop for 24X7. Calls can come anytime which is why our systems never stop working. Greeting your customers will continue at every time of the day without any interruption making it a great marketing strategy as well.

  • Promote Your New Launches

    Newly launched products require promotion so that the world could know about it. By promoting any such product to your customers via IVR, you are fulfilling the goal of business promotion without even causing a hole in your pocket.

  • Call Routing

    As the customer can face different problems, the solution providing department would be different as well. The IVR system can smartly identify which department should handle the situation and routes the call accordingly. In case you have limited working hours in a day, then during the off-hours, the IVR could activate voice messages to ensure that the customers get attention as soon as possible.

  • Record Calls

    Quality is something which you can never compromise. With an option to record your every call, you will be able to enhance the quality of your calls by using the recording for internal training. Apart from that, you will also have detailed information on the calls received, missed, and ongoing issues. All this information will help you by offering better customer service.

    Without a doubt, IVR service helps a business in several ways. If you want to make IVR a part of your business promotion or just want to offer better customer service, all you have to do is connect with Fortius Infocom today!




  • Rate/SMS (PS) : 0.23
  • Amount : 1,150/-
  • Tax Amount (18%) : 207/-
  • Total (INC. Tax): 1,357/-

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  • Rate/SMS (PS) : 0.21
  • Amount : 2,100/-
  • Tax Amount (18%) : 378/-
  • Total (INC. Tax): 2,478/-

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  • Amount : 4,750/-
  • Tax Amount (18%) : 855/-
  • Total (INC. Tax): 5,605/-

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