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Bulk SMS Service in Dimapur |ย Dimapur is considered the largest district of Nagaland. The city has a good tourism potential because of its unique location and various tourist attractions. The city is also housing various telecommunication providers such as the bulk SMS service providers.


These providers are well within reach for all those business aspirants who are looking for affordable and quality rich services to contact its existing customers, make new customers, launch new products or services, gain recognition amongst its potential market and develop its company and brand name.



Bulk SMS Services โ€“ Tools and Features:


There are a number of bulk messaging tools and features that help the new users to operate these services effectively. SMS Gateway is a bulk SMS tool that allows the sending of messages via computer with the help of cellular networks. Extensions like GSM and ETSI are types of SMS Gateways that help in the message exchanging standards. These are inclusive of various software applications that provide direct SMS messaging from online websites and emails.


API or application programming interfaces is a bulk SMS feature that allows programmers to include SMS sending functionality in various programs such as STTP, FTP, HTTP, or emails.


Agateway act as a medium between the cellular network operators and software applications provider. These gateways involve digital and cellular message networking execution and operation of sending messages onto a userโ€™s mobile number.


Most short messaging service or SMS software apps involve the update and upload of lists of mobile numbers using a notepad file. Most Sophisticated systems can automatically delete any duplicated phone numbers before sending the text messages. Enhanced and tech advanced software features allow users to group texts and send them at scheduled times or days. Users can easily send bulk SMS on national as well as international cellular network areas.


Other key features of Bulk SMS services are that they provide cloud servers and infrastructure, affordable pricing, easy setup and installation, integration within minutes, global reach, etc.




Types of Bulk SMS:


There are various bulk messaging business needs such as bulk SMS for promotional needs, bulk SMS for transmission of necessary details, bulk SMS for entertainment industries, bulk voice calls, etc.


Promotional SMS resolves the promotional needs for marketing and advertising industries. The customers can be reached on both national and international platform.


Transactional SMS provides SMS solutions for the transmission of necessary information to its customers. An organization needs to provide users with important details such as product shipping and delivery updates from an online product selling company, where the user has purchased a product, or the OTP received through online payment modes for Debit or credit card purchases.


Voice call service is another popular service that includes a voice recorded message that gives detailed information about your company to the customers.


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