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How to use Bulk SMS Services in Kushinagar


Bulk SMS Service in Kushinagar | Kushinagar is one of the fastest growing city in the State of Uttar Pradesh, popular known as Kasia Bazaar. It is an important Buddhist pilgrimage site, where Buddhists believe Gautama Buddha attained Parinirvana after his death.


Below we have listed few points those will acknowledge you about the various use of Bulk SMS services in diverse sectors of Kushinagar.


Education Sector:


During the recent times, Kushinagar has made an immense progress in the sector of education. In the past years, both government and private regulators have established their institutions. Choosing a Bulk SMS service provider will help you reach your targeted audience.


  • Parental Communication: there always a need for a tool to inform parents about the student as a truancy is an ongoing battle with them. Using an SMS gateway can be really helpful.


  • New Student Enrolment: attracting students has always been challenging. Now follow up with your leads with transactional SMS.
  • Paper or Exam Results: Now sharing the result with students and parents can be easy. Send results via SMS and provide best customer experience.
  • Course Changes & Reminders: Now inform students of any change in timetable and course.
  • Admission Process: A promotional SMS campaign can spearhead a new student recruitment drive.


Hospitability and Tourism Sector:


There are a number of tourist attractions in Kushinagar for tourist to explore. One of the major Tourist Attractions in Kushinagar which is also one of the important tourist places in Kushinagar is the Ramabhar Stupa. Why not use a communication medium to attract customers?


  • Helps in attaining Business Success: SMS gateway helps to attract more leads. Guest can book their reservation online or check out online. Provide complete information through integrating SMS gateway.
  • Promotions, discounts, and offers: Broadcast your hotel or resort packages along with accommodation details to the customers.
  • Gain customer trust: It is the most authentic form to communicate customers about their tour. Help to clear their queries and confusion of potential customers.
  • Reach maximum remote area customers: One of the biggest benefits of bulk SMS is that you can reach the maximum number of customers in remote areas in order to publicize your hospitality and tourism business.



Agricultural Sector:


Kushinagar district covering an area of 2864.62 km² which is rich in sugarcane production. The agricultural infrastructure is easily available like Irrigation facility, alluvial soil, availability of labor, adequate rainfall, etc in the city.


  • By getting forecast weather message early morning can save a day for farmers.
  • It is significant for a farmer to know the transportation cost. Using an SMS service alert regarding existing transportation cost and time to be taken from one to another route will aid the farmers to decide which crops to transport.





    • Rate/SMS (PS) : 0.23
    • Amount : 1,150/-
    • Tax Amount (18%) : 207/-
    • Total (INC. Tax): 1,357/-

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    • Rate/SMS (PS) : 0.21
    • Amount : 2,100/-
    • Tax Amount (18%) : 378/-
    • Total (INC. Tax): 2,478/-

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    • Rate/SMS (PS) : 0.19
    • Amount : 4,750/-
    • Tax Amount (18%) : 855/-
    • Total (INC. Tax): 5,605/-

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