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Toll-Free Number


The Toll-Free Number Service by Fortius Infocom allows your customers to call and connect with your business at no cost. When you use this service, your clients never get charged for calls they make to your number. Rather, the charges for all the calls get credited to the owner’s number. This encourages the clients to contact you freely by keeping them stress-free about paying bills for the calls they make. As a result, your customers will be able to call you from anywhere in the country at no cost.


Fortius Infocom’s toll-free numbers are all easy to remember. Having such recall features makes it easy for customers to remember you as a brand. The Toll-Free number solution is incredibly successful in delivering results while also being inexpensive to the user.


Fortius Infocom’s toll-free service has a plethora of unique features to help your business achieve successful long-term growth.


For example, the Call forwarding feature of this service never lets you miss any critical call that would later bring a potential customer and profit to the company. In a nutshell, our toll-free service will unquestionably assist you in closing the communication gap between you and your customers.



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Toll-free service is extremely advantageous to companies of all sizes. The main reason is that it is an inexpensive and affordable solution. It will give fantastic outcomes to all businesses, whether you run a big business or a small one. Hence, if used effectively, you can expect a significant return on investment with this service.


Many businesses often choose to relocate in order to expand. Then, it becomes important for these businesses to update their contact information and obtain a new one if there is a regular dialing number circulated throughout their network. This process takes a lot of time, which ultimately leads to a loss of time and money. It also leaves the possibility that your previous customers might never receive such changes because of the changed contact number. But, when they use our toll-free service for their businesses, they get the same number for the update, regardless of where they move in the nation. This is because Fortius Infocom, with its toll-free service, gives you the perk of easily transferring your number to a new location without causing a fuss or taking much time.


Blockbuster Features:


  • Call Monitoring:- With our toll-free service, you can discover the specifics of every active, disconnected, and on-hold call in real time.
  • IVR Integration :- Using the IVR integration feature, you can easily manage your customers’ calls and gather the information together, which saves both their and your representatives’ time.
  • Numbers :- You can choose the best-suited toll-free number for your company from the many options available through your service.
  • Call Management :- The Call Management solutions let you easily access call routing, forwarding, and recording all in one spot.
  • SMS Notification :- SMS Notifications ensure that you don’t miss any business by sending you real-time SMS alerts whenever a customer call is missed.
  • Performance Report :- This solution provides you with a performance report of your representatives, allowing you to monitor their performance and measure their overall productivity.


How can a Toll-Free Number Benefit Your Business?


  • Brand Remembrance :- Toll-free numbers are a great way to build your Brand. They are super easy to remember. This helps customers easily recall your brand when they connect with your firm.
  • National Community :-A toll-free number connects consumers nationwide, fostering a strong brand community.
  • One number for many locations :- When you have a toll-free number, you will be able to accept calls from all of your business locations on a single number. Also, you will not have to change your contact information when the company chooses to relocate to a new place.
  • Cloud-Based :- Our service enables remote monitoring and operation nationwide, anytime.
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