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Bulk SMS Service in Bahraich | Bahraich is one of the ancient and most beautiful cities, is located on the Saryu River, and is a part of Deviating division.


Bulk SMS Service means, in simple words, sending a large number of SMS at one go. These services are for working professionals, business owners and fresher’s starting a new set-up. With time the services has improved and publicized in the city of Bahraich.



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Bahraich city surveys indicates a growing inclination of mass population towards online and SMS generated communication than compared to other sources like handwritten letters or notices. Research indicates SMS is considered better significantly, as most are read as soon as they are delivered!



Why is Bulk SMS considered good?



  • 1️⃣ There are No Filters

The system will deliver the messages straight into your primary inbox; they will not drop into spam folders. People generally face this issue with emails.


  • 2️⃣ Fewer Decorations and Complications

There is no headache to add different fonts to your SMS to make them more decorative and attractive. The messenger delivers the message plain and simple.


  • 3️⃣ There is Less Competition

Not a lot of companies have switched to Bulk SMS service Providers for SMS communication. They still depend on emails to pass on information to its clients, so the competition is not on its peak at the moment. This is why the companies using Bulk SMS can stand out and would be difficult to ignore as well.


  • 4️⃣ Bulk SMS in Groups

A generic message is sent in groups to all recipients. For example, you are running a school with 160 students attending your institute, what is the best way to communicate an emergency holiday to all the students at one go?. Well, By sending bulk messages to all the students with the news. This is the best way to reach everyone with less complication.


  • 5️⃣ A Sender’s ID

When someone sends you an SMS, the name or number that represents the message is known as a Sender’s ID. All messages sent with the same sender’s id every time develops the brand name of your company and reflects it whenever they receive an SMS with your ID.


  • 6️⃣ Speed

It takes about a couple of seconds of bulk push for the clients to receive deliveries on their phones. It bridges the gap within a short span of time, making it preferable to other ways of Company client communication at Bahraich city.


  • 7️⃣ Time Effective

The process of sending SMS through these services is very easy to use. There are no lengthy setup processes to wait over and waste your precious time.


  • 8️⃣ Technical Assistance

When caught in a glitch, you can always get customer support from the company’s call support agent. They will know about the majority of challenges being faced by other users and will be able to help you in every way possible.


  • 9️⃣ Communication in Diverse Languages

Although Bahraich city contains major population who speaks the same language, there are companies who might want to send messages to communicate globally. Diversity in languages is another great option provided by Bulk SMS solutions.


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    • Amount : 2,100/-
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    • Amount : 4,750/-
    • Tax Amount (18%) : 855/-
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