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Bikaner, one of the most beautiful cities of Indian state Rajasthan is expanding at a huge rate. The city is filled with numerous businesses. And every business regardless of its size needs to promote their products or service in order to retain the customers. Now let us understand the role of bulk SMS in marketing.


Bulk SMS is one of the most effective and affordable tools for marketing and has become has become an inseparable part of the marketing campaigns of various companies. SMS marketing can prove to be highly beneficial if applied smartly.


According to the study, it has been concluded that people respond more to text messages delivered in their phone than the e-mails. About 20-30% phone users open their emails, while SMS has an incredible opening rate of 95%.



Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing:


  • No use of ad copy
  • Can be applied in a less time
  • Results can be tracked and measured
  • Cost-effective and affordable, even for small business
  • Mobile users consider SMS as a precise source of information


Despite all these benefits, there are many companies out there that are not using it. The major reason why these companies are not using bulk SMS as a part of their marketing campaign is that they find it too difficult.


Here are some important tips that can help in creating a successful text message marketing campaign:



  • Prepare a Well and Reliable Marketing List


For a successful marketing campaign, knowing about the customers is very important. Who you are selling and why the person may want to use your product or service? With respect to SMS marketing, this is essential as each message you are about to send needs to be based on customers.


The right message to the right customer will be considered as useful whereas a right message to a wrong customer will be taken as a spam. So, in order to know who to reach, it is important to make a contact list that contains the name of your present and old customers.



  • Offer Value


Make sure that the message you are about to send worth the time of your customer. People find it little less convincing when SMS hits the wrong customer. An ideal SMS includes useful contests, promotional giveaway, and other offering an exclusive deal offer.


To check whether your SMS has convincing offering value is to track if they are working. If large numbers of people are following your call to action then your Bulk SMS marketing is working.



  • Be Personal

It is important to note that every customer has their own requirements. Polished SMS will make your customers feel more loyal towards your company. Using the customerโ€™s name instead of a blank space can serve to go a long way.


Each SMS has a limit of 160 characters, so you have been to be up to the point without being too direct. The faster you convey your business idea; the better will be the effect of your SMS.



  • Timing is Everything


Believe it or not, timing plays a crucial role in the SMS marketing. Therefore, it is important to realize when your message will be having the most impact.


Another important thing is that you should limit the amount of message that you send to a particular customer. Sending too many messages will make the customer feel it as a spam or worthless to read.


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