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Missed Call Offers a Easy Verification Solution 

Missed-call verification is an innovative way to easily and conveniently verify mobile numbers. It is a low-cost solution that is cheaper than both OTP SMS authentication and OTP Voice authentication. The process involves the user calling a designated number and disconnecting the call before it rings in order to complete the verification process. Missed call verification can be further enhanced with the integration of a missed call API for automated verification purposes

Uncovering the Mystery of Missed-Call Verification

Missed calls are a simple yet effective way to have user verification, as they do not involve any voice communication. Missed call is a call which gets disconnected by dedicated server before getting answered, creating an alert for the recipient. This type of communication is especially beneficial in user verification scenarios, where it eliminates the need for typing verification codes or answering security questions.

The use of missed calls for user verification has become increasingly popular due to its ease and affordability. By utilizing the latest advancements in technology, businesses can develop their own missed call API that can handle missed calls from their verified users with ease and efficiency. This makes it easier for companies to provide secure authentication without additional input from users or customers. Such APIs also allow businesses to customize their application according to their needs and preferences, making them more reliable and efficient in terms of user experience.


Missed-Call Two-Factor Authentication – What’s the Benefit?

Password-less Authentication: Password-less authentication is a rapidly growing trend in the digital world. It allows users to access their accounts and websites without having to enter complex passwords, providing an enhanced and secure user experience.

Low operational cost: The advantages of using a miss call API include improved efficiency, improved customer service, increased security and enhanced scalability – all at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional methods.

Cheaper than OTP SMS Authentication: Fortunately, there is an alternative that is cheaper than OTP SMS authentication – missed call verification. With this method, users are asked to provide their mobile number and make a missed call on it from their registered phone number. The server then verifies the user’s identity by checking if the phone number matches with its records. Missed call verification does not involve any additional costs for businesses as no messages need to be sent out by them.

Cheaper than OTP Voice Authentication: Today, more and more companies are turning to missed call verification as an alternative to traditional one-time password (OTP) voice authentication methods. Missed call verification is a cost-effective way of validating users without relying on expensive voice calls.

The process works by having the user dial a toll-free number that is provided by the company. Once they hang up, the company receives an automated notification which confirms their identity. This method is simple and convenient for both the customer and the business, as no additional hardware or software is required for it to work. Furthermore, it significantly reduces costs associated with OTP voice authentication services, making it an attractive choice for companies looking to save money.

Simple and secure HTTPS API based integration with your applications: Secure and reliable communication is the backbone of any modern business. With today’s digital era, it has become increasingly important to ensure that your application’s data is protected during transfer as well as storage. One such secure method for data transmission is through HTTPS API based integration with your applications. The use of an HTTPS protocol ensures a high level of security while providing a convenient way to integrate various systems together.

HTTPS API based integration can be used for missed call verification, which is becoming a popular authentication method in many mobile applications. Missed call verification allows users to confirm their identity by calling on a given number and disconnecting before the call is answered. By leveraging the secure encryption provided by HTTPS API, you can be sure that your data and communications won’t be tampered with or intercepted by malicious actors.

Most Commonly Used:

Sign up Verification: Missed call verification has become a reliable and secure method of sign up verification.

Leads Generation: Missed call verification is a reliable and convenient method of generating leads in today’s digital world. It involves having customers call a certain number, usually toll-free, to initiate the process.

Transaction Authorization: Transaction Authorization is a secure and reliable method of confirming user identity through missed call verification.

Member Account Verification: Missed-call verification is an innovative technology that is revolutionizing account security. By using this method, companies are able to verify their members’ accounts quickly and securely.

Cash on Delivery (COD) shipments: Cash on Delivery (COD) shipments have revolutionized the e-commerce industry, allowing customers to pay for their goods only after they receive them. However, there is still a problem of fraudsters using this method to defraud the sellers. This is where Missed-Call has come in with its innovative missed call verification system for COD shipments.

Conclusions: In conclusion, mobile number verification using a missed call is an undeniably useful tool for organizations. It is secure, cost-effective, and easy to implement quickly. Not only does it provide additional security for both the consumer and the organization, but also provides assurance that only authorized users can access their accounts or services. Missed call authentication is thus an ideal form of authentication that should be considered by all companies in need of user verification solutions.

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