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How to Use Bulk SMS Service in Lucknow to Promote an Event?

Let us just accept the fact that an event is successful because of two things. The first is the acts happening in it and the second is attendees. If none of the people are attending the event, then the event will be called as unsuccessful. The reason why it becomes unsuccessful is that people are not aware that any such thing is happening. Doing the right amount of promotion is necessary for every event so that more and more people could witness it. If you are going to organize an event, then here are some of the ways how you…

What the Future Holds for Mobile SMS Marketing?

Earlier people used to text message a lot as it was the easiest way of communication. The best thing about text messaging is that it is fast and reliable as well. However, since the inception of the internet and the smartphones, everything has changed. When numerous networking applications like WhatsApp came into existence, people started to lose their interest in the SMS. As text messages were not only used for communication, but for marketing as well, many of the bulk SMS providers thought that what is the future of SMS marketing. Some say that it will be dead in coming…
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